Bubble Town Wiki

Released on January 5, 2010, I-play and Oberon Media launched Bubble Town: Party Planet for Facebook.

In-game description

For the first time in Bubble Town history, Bubble Town: Party Planet incorporates a brand-new virtual economy into the game's traditional gameplay. Players use BubbleBucks to make in-game purchases on items including power ups, extra level packs, in-game gifts and more.

In Bubble Town: Party Planet, players carefully aim and shoot colorful borbs to pop three or more of the same kind. Following in suit of the classic Bubble Town gameplay that has been wildly successful on PC, mobile, iPhone, Facebook and MySpace platforms, players must match borbs to clear the board and rack up as many points as possible. Along the way, players will be able to earn through achievements or buy with Bubblebucks both familiar and brand-new special borbs that will help them in their mission.

"Bubble Town: Party Planet allows players to discover more levels and advance faster through the game," says Daniela Teverovsky, creator of the largest Bubble Town fan page on Facebook. "It's a very addictive game, and I know fans will love the new version."

Guide to Powerups

Here is the list of power-ups available in the game and their effects:

  • Wild Borb – Match Borbs of any color on the board
  • Plunger – Nab ANY item on the board and drop it in your cannon
  • BubbleBubble – Change the color of any Borbs it touches
  • HotFoot – Drop down ALL borbs in its path
  • SureShot – Perfect accuracy for the next 3 shots
  • Pushback – Push the DANGER ZONE back one step
  • ShakeShack – Remove jelly fish, shrouds, and wake sleeping borbs
  • Borb Gone Wild – Matches borbs of any color on the board. Double any points scored on the shot
  • Spin Stopper – Ball mode only. Stop rotation for 3 shots
  • Mystery Load – Reload your borb tube with random borbs
  • The Clockwiser – Ball mode only. Rotate borbs clockwise once


The game was taken down from Facebook on May 27, 2011. No video footage of the game is available. Reason behind the closure of Party Planet was due to the decrease of players, and not enough money was being made from the game in an interview with Dimage Sapelkin, one of the developers of Bubble Town Party Planet.

There was also an announcement on the now defunct Oberon Media website.